One of our main principles is the optimization of the material consumption. The purchasing of raw materials is dedicated to specific, contract-covered tasks.

Our company is sourcing its raw materials from the best-certified European and Hungarian suppliers.

The production process is starting with the sandblasting surface treatment.

The cutting of the parts is already done on the clean and flushed plates, flame and laser cutters, cutters, trimmers are used.

For the forming of the steel plates and sheets, press and punching machines, cutting and rolling machines are all available.

We consider of utmost importance the precise structural assembly, which is continuously checked by our erection specialists.

Specialized and certified welders and welding checking procedures are the warranty of our weldings’ quality.

Our welding technologies: metal-arc welding, shielding gas welding, flux-cored arc welding, shielded metal-arc welding and stud welding.

Surface treatment: airless spraying, galvanization (at subcontractors).

Assembly and erection: at request of our partners, we can provide the complete erection service of our produced structures, even with full technological support.