GÉMTECH KFT is the fastest growing steel and machine production private company in Eastern Hungary.

We produce world class products on two sites, Napkor and Nyiregyhaza, on a total of 40.000 m2 land. We have some 10.000 m2 covered and craned production area, and some 2.000 m2 of covered and craned storage area. In Napkor we have a building of 4.000 m2, with a 75 t minimum, 100 t maximum craneage capacity. We have an available workforce of some 150 people, together with our subcontractors. Experienced engineers, with increased focus on quality and deadlines, drive the production processes. The production is performed with excellent, experienced and qualified personnel, with the entire necessary technological infrastructure. Thanks to our innovative approach, our welded structures prove to be of unique and high quality level. We acquired an extensive experience in production of cranes and bridges. Our yearly production capacity exceeds 10.000 metric tons. The surface treatments and coatings we apply are the newest technological standards.

The services our company offers are:

                                                                                    -    design, production, installation and maintenance of machinery

                                                                                    -    design, production, erection and maintenance of cranes

                                                                                    -    design and production of lifting and moving devices

                                                                                    -    design and production of special lifting structures

                                                                                    -    production, erection of steel bridge structures

                                                                                    -    mechanical machining, even on a length of 20.000 mm

                                                                                    -    production of steel structures

                                                                                    -    steel structural design

                                                                                    -    special welding technology works

                                                                                    -    testing of welded connections

Gemtech Kft

4552 - Hungary
Napkor, Iparterület st. 1.

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