We are pleased to announce that we are to invest over EUR 10 million into building new factories
and upgrading our technology at the industrial area in NAPKOR. This is an incredible
endorsement of our strategy so far, and we are excited about the opportunities this investment

The developments concern the following areas:

1. A cutting hall containing a 40m x 7.5m x 5m (l x w x h) surface treatment cabin.
2. A large-scale painting plant.
3. Machining and non-ferrous product manufacturing plant.
The three production halls will almost double our production capacity to approximately
13,000m². All buildings will house cranes, resulting in a lifting capacity of at least 75 tonnes.
4. A large heat-treatment furnace: 16m x 4m x 3m (l x w x h)
5. Two new 15m long CNC portal milling machines.
6. An 8,000mm diameter CNC carousel lathe.
7. A new Rolling machine capable of bending 250mm plates.
8. Seven new cranes (five with a lifting capacity of 25 tonnes and two of 10 tonnes).

These developments are being implemented continuously and are expected to be completed before
the end of 2018.

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